Custom Carrier Performance Dashboard for Fleets

Developed by Freight Girlz

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TD - Professional

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Load Stats

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Load Completion Details

TD - Professional
TD - Professional


The Rubber Meets the Road

Freight Girlz exclusive cloud-based carrier performance dashboard by provides unparalleled dispatch transparency and statistical information. We developed this out of the necessity of customer deliverables and accountability so both service provider and customer can grow together and ultimately improve performance each and every month. Let's be honest we are both here to make money and with a complete data snapshot we can achieve our goals and address any areas on the fly to increase your revenue.

Custom data points available!


Take it to the next level with our automated dispatch status notifications. Available exclusively to our fleets of 5 or more trucks you will have unmatched insight as to the 3 phases of each dispatch (can be customized). 

Email Notification Phases:

1. Dispatched

2. In Transit

3. Delivered


Instructional Videos

Driver Facing App

Carrier Facing App

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