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Freight Girlz - Instructional Videos

Please upload your video here from your mobile device or computer! 

Freight Girlz Instructional Videos, trucking dispatch

We are looking at promoting carrier safety as a fundamental principle to our industry. We would like to have a series of instructional videos that will reside on our website and social media platforms for all to learn from.


The first video will be: Trip Pre-check


Cover all items necessary in order to conduct a comprehensive trip pre-check. "Must-do" items, things to look out for and items that can be deferred but require attention immediately after dropping load at receiver. Use your experience to show others any valuable information.


We will provide $100 for the winning video


Production requirements:


  • Must be filmed in HD 1080P or higher resolution (4K preferably) from a mobile device or camera. Choose horizontal position not vertical Yes               , No

  • Keep it clean!!

  • Audio must be clear enough to understand with minimal background noise.

  • You may run a continuous video but if you need to retake a shot simply say “Cut” and then countdown “3, 2, 1”. We will edit the video down and remove anything necessary in post-production.

  • Video intro please speak your personal name (first only is ok), carrier name and on the behalf of Freight Girlz. It is not required for you to show yourself however better if comfortable in doing so.



We will have numerous videos of this nature to be made so if you’re looking for a little extra play money then jump onboard.


Good Luck!!

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