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Wellness Over the Road

Did you know? Commercial motor vehicle drivers (CMV) have a 12 – 19 year reduced life expectancy compared to the general U.S. male population.


This module focuses on the unique lifestyle of CMV drivers and highlights strategies for health and wellness over the road. It provides education, training, and materials for fleet safety managers so that they may effectively train their drivers on topics related to commercial driver health and wellness. The topics covered include a discussion of the connection between health and safety for commercial vehicle operations. In addition, there is a discussion of common health conditions and concerns that are prevalent among CMV drivers and how their unique lifestyle influences negative health behaviors and exacerbates chronic diseases and disorders. Health issues that are covered include obesity, hypertension, diabetes, tobacco use, sleep disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, stress, poor diet and nutrition, and physical inactivity. This presentation also discusses medical conditions that can disqualify commercial drivers from obtaining their medical certification. The presentation will cover how CMV drivers can prevent or improve these chronic health conditions through behavior and lifestyle modifications; specifically, weight loss through physical activity and better nutrition habits.

Learning Objectives

This course provides:

  • An understanding of the prevalent health concerns among CMV drivers and how safety is impacted by driver health.

  • An understanding of how weight loss, achieved  through lifestyle modifications and behavior change, can improve overall health, as well as strategies to help CMV drivers develop positive health behaviors considering their mobile lifestyle.

  • An understanding of how carriers can develop and implement a successful Health and Wellness program for company drivers.

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